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The Sometime Bride - Blair Bancroft According to the author:

"This is the book where I inadvertently broke all the rules of romance. But when I read it again, more than 15 years after I wrote it and 11 years since its first publication, I discovered The Sometime Bride still qualified as the best book I ever wrote."

It's also one of the best I've read this year! Ms. Bancroft was a new author to me and this book was a great place to start. The e-book is available for only $1.49 at Amazon)


I was engaged in this story from page one with the vivid portrayal of the French invasion of Portugal portrayed through the eyes of the young female protagonist,Catherine "Catarina" Audley.
The author's prose is elegant and impeccably incorporates the history of the Napoleonic Wars, the excitment of espionage, and a riveting romance with toe curling sexual tension. While both the h/h are strong and appealing, the hero of the story has the added cache of being cloaked in mystery. There are also a number of plots twists that keep the story moving briskly while Cat and Blas struggle against impossible odds. (Saying anything more would be plot spoiling). Suffice to say I was riveted to this truly beautiful love story with an emotional depth far beyond what I had expected.