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The Reflections of Ambrosine - Elinor Glyn 3.5 stars. This story is told from the heroine's first person POV and was much more engaging than I expected.

Ambrosine is a young woman from an old, proud, and impoverished noble family. She was primarily raised by her French grandmother who had plans for Ambrosine's marriage to a distant cousin but becomes ill before her plans can be carried out. Instead, a hasty marriage is arranged to an admirer whom Ambrosine pretty much despises but during the week of her engagement she accidentally meets the cousin and falls almost intstantly in love with him. Unfortunately it is too late. Ambrosine stays true to her promise to wed and the marriage is a distaster. Eventually, fate plays a hand to bring the intended lovers together. (Anything more would be a spoiler)

Kissing only - no sexual content.