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Cowgirl Up and Ride - Lorelei James 4.5 Stars
I have never read this author before but given that I'm now writing some contemporary western romance, I wanted to check this series out. Because I am not a big fan of erotica or even lust to love plots, I scoped out this entire series to settle on a few titles that I thought I might enjoy. COWGIRL UP definitely proved a good place for me to begin as I felt it really was a compelling romance at heart. (Not to say it isn't really sexed up!)

Another reason this was a plus for me is that I'm a real sucker for unrequited love/ hero worship stories. AJ has been in love with Cord since she was 5 years old. I believed this and empathized with her because I had been there myself. And yes, my first heartthrob was a hot cowboy too. He was seventeen and I was thirteen,chubby with braces. Needless to say it was completely unrequited, but he did loan me his demin jacket once and I took it home and slept in it. I can still remember what it/he smelled like thirty five years later. Just like AJ, for YEARS I fantasized about running into him when I was all grown up. (Never happened.) Enough rambling.

Lorelei James' writing has a natural feeling flow that can only stem from a genuine knowledge of the small town and raching life. She also demonstrates great skill in weaving her subplots and secondary characters into the story which pulled me inextricably into the world of the McKay clan.

Although I know I won't read the entire series due to some of the over-the-top erotica, I do plan to read several more of the titles that appear to focus more on the romance.

I'm definitely a new fan and look forward to Keely's story.