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Love and War - Maggi Andersen As a fellow writer of historical romance novellas, I always have a mixed reaction when people say they wish one of my stories had been longer, but that's precisely how I felt with this one.

Selena is secretly in love with a man whose offer of marriage she has refused several times because her feelings are unrequited. Lord Devereaux has left Wellington's army for fear his line will die out if he falls in battle but now is in dire need of money to repair his ruined estates. Unromantically, he confesses his reasons upfront and that he will likely make a poor husband. Selena weighs this with the fact that she is tired of living with her sister's family and at least will have a home of her own and a title to boot if she accepts him. She also harbors a secret hope that in time he may return her feelings. The wedding proceeds as planned with all the traditional ritual. The bride and groom depart for a London honeymoon, stopping overnight at and Inn. Selena's nerves are shaken about the wedding night to come... but then her groom disappears without a word.

Although I wished for more history of Selena and Devereaux to show how she actually fell in love with him (or perhaps it was only infatuation all along?) but from the moment he disappeared I was trly hooked on the story. From this point Selena and Devereaux's lives intersect between prolonged intervals, with their marriage remaining unconsummated while the sexual tension continues to coil.
I hate plot spoilers of which I am already guilty, so I won't say more about precisely what kept them apart.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story with it's mixture or romance and intrigue... I just wish it had been longer only to know more about the characters and their history which could only be alluded to given the abbreviated format. I also love espionage stories and would love to have seen thsi developed further. Nevertheless, this was a highly engaging story and a recommended read.