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The Courage to Love - Samantha Kane Speaking strictly as erotica, this book definitely fills the bill. It is extremely titillating with a variety of explicit sex scenes with multiple partners/combinations accompanied by graphic detail and language. It would make an excellent accompaniment for a mechanical boyfriend if that was what one was seeking. LOL!

I've never read menage or M/M sex scenes so this was rather eye opening to me. Just don't know if it's really my cuppa.

From a story point of view, I feel like this lacked relationship development. We began with established relationships between the two men who were both supposedly in love with Kate, but we never saw HOW any of this came about. It was all telling. For me this was an essential component that was lacking if one were reading this as a romance.

Also the female characters' speech and behavior is not at all true to the times, especially the young girl Veronica as her language is vulgar and behavior very forward. This bothers me because I am such a history junkie and love accurate period details in my reading.