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The Irish Warrior - Kris Kennedy This was quite differrent from my "normal" choices in historical romance. The setting is Medieval Ireland, and the plot has elements of fantasy centered around a supposed legend of the Wishme mollusks that can be made into a dye with both camoflauging and explosive qualities.

The heroine of the story is Senna de Valery, a wool merchant and daughter of a "dye-witch", and believed to be the only living person who knows the secrets of the Wishme mollusks. In the story, several factions are battling for the "secret" in order to produce weapons. Senna is the unwary victim.

Senna escapes imprisonment by Lord Rardove a vassal of Edward Longshanks, who desires to conquer the Irish by producing the coveted weapon, by freeing an Irish warrior, Lord Finian O'Melaghlin from Rardove's dungeon.

The sexual tension runs rampant between Senna and Finian as they flee from Lord Rardove.

The story is imaginative and action-packed with the writing abounding with colorful allegory (some might say purple prose). I liked both of the lead characters, Senna and Finian, and greatly enjoyed the dialogue/banter between them throughout the story.

My only true criticism (and this is purely a matter of taste)is the very graphic nature of the romantic relationship. I felt it was much more sexually explicit than it needed to be. By way of example (for those seeking purely titillation), there is one very long and highly explicit passage that runs from pages 256-270 that occurs as danger lurks very close by.

While I do not consider myself prudish regarding sex, I thought the physical interaction did not always feel natural, but was more often than not, contrived. For me, less would certainly have been more, but overall, I was still highly entertained by this part fantasy/part historical romance.