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I Kissed an Earl - Julie Anne Long A top shelf historical romance!

I wasn't sure in the beginning if I was going to like this one, but the author was incredible, a true artist with word pictures. I have a bad habit of dog-earring pages when I read a line that I particulalry like. I mangled this one!

I had only two issues with the novel:
The plot of this novel was a bit far-fetched, but as it was a strongly character driven tale, I could easily overlook this.
It also suffered from very poor copy editing - numerous punctuation erros, missing words, and errors in titular names, but again forgiven because the writing was superb!

What I loved about this novel was the slow, simmering dance of seduction that I experienced as a reader, yet it wasn't a "sex fest."

The chemistry between Violet and Asher was incredibly hot and so well-drawn out. It was a sweet torture until they finally "consumated" their love - and was it consuming!

This one goes on my favorites shelf with Lord of Scoundrels, Devil in Winter, Libertine's Kiss, and the very sensually restrained, but hot nonetheless Venetia.