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Addicted - Charlotte Featherstone 4.5 STARS
First of all, I would like to say that while this is a highly erotic book, it should by no means be thought of as erotica. It is a wonderful, substantial, emotionally stirring romance with a high level of sensuality that is also, IMO, completely in keeping with the characters.

I do not read erotica and generally lean toward historicals that are not all about the sex. For me, it's about the journey of the relationship- the joy , the passion, and the pain. Some of my favorite books have more of the latter than the former, but I most admire an author who can combine all three with a deft hand to create a story that is both sensual and emotionally moving. Charlotte Featherstone has absolutely done this in ADDICTED.

The hero, Lindsey, is a sensitive, caring man with an extremely passionate nature. He is also addicted to opium. Throughout the book there are several highly erotic scenes that play out while he is in an opium induced haze, but I never felt the sex was contrived or just gratuitous. I always felt the characters' deep passion for one another, and also their friendship, pain and enduring love as Anais eventually nurses Lindsey through withdrawal.

Another thing I loved about this book was the beautiful way the author talked about love and forgiveness, actually using scripture as a context. It was refreshing and it absolutely worked.
I was riveted throughout and will be reading much more of this talented author's work.
An addition to my DIK shelf