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Kings General (R) - Daphne du Maurier It's been many years since I've read anything by Daphne DuMaurier. I had expected the gothic feel to the book but this was much more of a historical title than I had anticipated with very detailed accounts of the English Civil War as it affected those in Cornwall.

The main protagonists were unusual and the "hero" incredibly flawed. The relationship between DuMaurier's heroine, Honor, and the ruthless rogue,Richard Grenvile, can only be described as a truly "grand passion." I loved how Honor clearly saw even Richard's ugliest side and loved him foibles and all.

The main characters were fabulously drawn. Honor was easy to admire despite her physical limitations or maybe moreso because of them. Although the book dragged a bit during parts of the military campaign, the intrigues and interplay between the various characters made this a page turner.

Highly recommended for those interested in the English Civil War