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The Beggar's Opera - John Gay, Bryan Loughrey Although it may be odd to read a musical, this is fascinating to me! It was written for the stage and employed many popular tunes from the day (1728). Here's a sample from Page 29

"A fox may steal your Hens, Sir
A Whore your Helath and Pence, Sir
Your Daughter robs your chest, Sir
Your wife may Steal you Rest, Sir.
A Thief you Goods and Plate.
But this is all but picking
With Rest, Pence, Chest and Chicken;
It ever was decreed, Sir,
If Lawyer's Hend is fee'd , Sir
He steals you whole Estate.

Another from p. 38
If the Heart of a Man is deprest with Cares,
The Mist is dispell'd when a Woman appears;
Like the Notes of a Fiddle, she sweetly, sweetly
Raises the Spirits and charms our Ears,
Roses and Lilies her Cheeks disclose,
But her ripe Lips are more sweet than those
Press her,
With Blisses,
Her Kisses
Dissolve us in Pleasure and Soft Repose.