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Second Coming of Lucy Hatch - Marsha Moyer While I'm not a big reader of contemporary fiction or first person narratives, Marsha Moyer has made a believer of me with THE SECOND COMING OF LUCY HATCH.

Lucy is sympathetic and believable as she struggles with the grief and guilt of finding new love after the loss of her husband.

I really like the honky tonk signing hero, Ash, although he seems ALMOST too good to be true in suddenly changing his philandering ways after setting his sights on Lucy. But I guess that's what makes for a great romance - when someone wants to be "better" to win another's love, but it would not have been believable had the author not shared Ash's own painful past.

Having lived a short while in central Texas, the backdrop and secondary characters were extremely vivid - the Texas heat, the unpredictable storms, the swaggers and twangs of the characters- all things that make Texas unique.

I really enjoyed this and thank Jill for the recommendation.