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Mr. Impossible - Loretta Chase I am already a HUGE fan of Loretta Chase (LORD OF SCOUNDRELS is one of my all time favorite HR novels), but MR. Impossible is something altogether different. I found this book to be a highly entertaining mix of action, adventure and romance.

Daphne Pembroke is a pedantic scholar of dead languages, determined to crack the code of the Egyptian Hieroglyphs, but working covertly under her brother's name. Rupert Carsington is a reckless scapegrace sent to Egypt by his family to work for the consulate (reasons never completely clear).

When Daphne's brother Miles is kidnapped, she turns to Rupert to assist her while telling him clearly "I am the brains and you are merely the brawn." Rather than taking offense at being thought a brainless brute, however, Rupert is fascinated by this unusual woman and plays his part to the hilt.

I loved the characters and their romantic development in this novel - the erudite Daphne and the reckless Rupert are such comically polar opposites!

What appeals most to me about this book, however, is Ms. Chase's impeccable research into 19th century Egyptology. Throught the story, she accurately describes the scenes inside pyramids (I've been inside one myself), of dessicated mummies and raided tombs, seamlessly incorporating snippets of Egyptian language, superstition, and culture, as well as the shifting politics and various factions competing for domination of the archeological sites and artifacts.

My only true criticism is the love scene following the sand storm - I guess all that gritty sand just magically disappeared! (But then again- this IS a romance!)

Highly recommended for those who like unusual settings and a bit of adventure. 4 Stars.