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Passion - Lisa Valdez IMHO -More pornographic than romance.

While there is a decent story here, it was almost completely buried in the graphic sex. The language was far too crude for me to enjoy with the female genitalia constantly referred to by the much reviled C word and every encounter referrd to as F***ing. Erotic yes. Romantic- NOT.

There was also much made of his "huge" instrument and it seemed almost pathetic to me how he could only fall in love with a woman who could take "all of him". The ensuing sexual encounters were portrayed almost violently. While I don't mean rape, as she was perfectly willing, he was so forceful that she could have easily been injured. The relationship was not on equal footing and I felt it was mostly demeaning to the heroine who at one time expresses the wish that her entire body could be one big sheath for his 10 1/2 inches.

I have nothing against explicit sex but I prefer it to develop along with the relationship, not vice versa. And a bit of dirty talk can make things really hot at the right moment but this was just too much. Definitely not my cuppa.