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Noble Satyr: A Georgian Historical Romance

Noble Satyr - Lucinda Brant LOVED IT!!!!

Ms. Brant was a previously unknown author to me but after reading the first book in the Roxton Series, she has won my heart. I love that the author is not afraid to bend the genre rules that have become so stifling to authors and writes what inspires rather than conforming to formulas (Yes, I am bitter about that but I digress.)

What first attracted me to the book is (You guessed it) the Georgian era setting and the plot similarity to the Georgette "the Great" Heyers' These Old Shades, one of may favorite GH titles. I was a bit skeptical at first whether another author could live up to my idols fantabulous dialogue and OTT characters but Ms. Brant did not disappoint. I actually liked her herione, Antoinia better than the somewhat irritating Leonie. Although this is by no means graphically sexual, I liked the higher level of sensuality compared to the much tamer GH titles.

I won't go into plot as anyone can read the book blurbs. Suffice to say if the rest of the series is as good, I've found another favorite author. I hope you'll check her out.

P.S. this e-book title is currently available for the bargain price of $.99!!