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Not Quite a Husband - Sherry Thomas This was my second Sherry Thomas title, and I am equally enthralled.

Interestingly, in both Private Arrangements and Not Quite a Hussband, her female rather than her male characters, were almost fatally flawed, completely self-absorbed, with an obscured view of themselves and the others in their lives.
And in both cases, the female protagonists demonstrated an obsessive passion that nearly destroyed its object.

Ms. Thomas has an incredible gift of prose, accompanied by an uncanny insight into the complexities of passionate love. She unfolds her tale, slowly, layer by layer, until the motives, as well as her character's souls, are finaly laid bare.

As an historical romance author, Ms. Thomas does not skimp on the period details, but works them seamlessly into her story.

KUDOS on her first Rita Award, but there are surely more to come.